How Not To Start a Business Like a Moron

Monopoly Money

I woke up the next morning to a voicemail from the Manilla Police Department. The shockingly aggressive message left by Mr Santiago said that they were looking for Daniel*. They wanted him to call immediately.

I don’t know what he did wrong. What I do know is that shortly after, Daniel went missing for almost 3 weeks. During that time I frantically called, texted and emailed. I heard nothing.

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Invest in Yourself: How to Become More Awesome

Leather Sofa

I was sat in one of the largest offices in the building on my beautiful leather sofa. The office was completely glass fronted. Anyone walking past could see into our unusual space, which looked more like a hipster living room than a place of work. My team of 8 were working away on client projects. The TV was playing surf videos and our office Spotify playlist was blaring out.

Everyone thought we were complete assholes.

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Gaming, Breasts & Unemployment

Ultima Online

I was doing manual work almost 24 hours a day and earning more money than ever before. I had just bought a brand new house in a popular area of town. In cash. I had enough money in the bank to keep me in food and clothes for years.

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How Your Toilet Will Become Your Doctor


Recently I have started a new hobby. Reddit.

It’s a brilliant website. It represents the internet well. It is full of amazing information. It also has a lot of, let’s say “alternative” people on it.

I read a couple of rather disturbing stories on Reddit recently. Allow me to briefly share:

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How Self Driving Cars Will Solve All of My Parking Woes

Not a Self Driving Car

When I was 6 years old something very exciting happened to me. My family moved into the house next door to my grandparents. Seriously awesome.

Man, did I take advantage of this setup. You see, my Nan loved to feed me! I remember raiding my grandparent’s cupboards on a daily basis. They always had the tastiest things available!

I was a sneaky little git. I would literally go over to my grandparents in search of food against the wishes of my parents. It was kinda easy though. There was a hole in the fence and the back door of my grandparents house was always open.

I think it goes without saying that I have grown up to be, obese. I just love food.

You know what obese people hate though? Hills. Oh boy, they suck.

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